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First and foremost, credit goes to the incredible Brandon Roberts and shadcn.

Brandon's AnalogJs is the absolute backbone of the spartan/stack and brings incredible value to the Angular ecosystem.

The UI library shadcn has created is simply beautiful and spartan/ui tries its best to emulate its style and quality.

Other awesome work we are building upon is:

  • AnalogJs - The full-stack Angular meta-framework.
  • - Styles for UI primitives.
  • Radix - Patterns & inspiration for accessible unstyled UI primitives.
  • Angular Material - An incredible CDK, patterns & inspiration for accessible unstyled ui primitives.
  • ngxpert/cmdk - The backbone of brn-command , which simply wraps around its awesomeness.
  • ng-signal-forms - Form library based on Angular signals, which makes working with even the most complex scenarios a breeze.
  • ngx-scrollbar - Custom overlay-scrollbars with native scrolling mechanism.
  • ng-icons - The ultimate icon library for Angular.


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