Supercharge your spartan experience with our CLI.

Ultimately our goal is to provide a standalone CLI that allows you to simply add spartan primitives to any Angular project.

However, our initial focus is to provide a tight integration with the spartan/stack , which runs on Nx. Therefore, the initial version of our CLI is a Nx plugin.


To add spartan to your Angular CLI project or Nx workspace simply install the plugin with the command below:

npm i -D @spartan-ng/cli


To add spartan/ui primitives to your workspace run the following command:

npx nx g @spartan-ng/cli:ui

You can then select which primitives you want to add. For each primitive we create a buildable library at a path of your choice.


Adding a theme can also be done on itself. Use the command below:

npx nx g @spartan-ng/cli:ui-theme

You can then select which application you want to add the theme to. Where your styles entrypoint is located. Which theme to add & what border radius to use.

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