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August 2023 - Initial Alpha release

spartan/ui is an open-source collection of an initial 30 UI primitives designed to streamline your development process and empower your Angular projects with enhanced efficiency and accessibility.

Why spartan/ui?

Creating seamless, captivating, and accessible user interfaces is hard. Through spartan/ui/brain , our goal is to make this process more straightforward and efficient. We offer a versatile collection of unstyled UI building blocks that can be easily tailored to match your project's distinct visual and functional preferences.

Additionally, with spartan/ui/helm , we provide pre-designed styles that not only look great from the start but also let you to retain full control over their code, appearance, and overall experience.


Each spartan/ui/brain represents a headless and accessible implementation of an UI primitive. This can be a standalone Angular Component, a Directive applied to existing HTML elements, or a hybrid combining both for more intricate UI elements.

This brain-first approach empowers developers to build UI components with enhanced accessibility and modularity, offering flexibility in crafting custom interfaces that cater to diverse project requirements.


On top of these brain components we put our helmet. Our helmet adds SPARTAN-like swagger to our UI.

Unlike it's brain counterparts, spartan/ui/helm primitives are not libraries. Instead, just like with shadcn, they are recipes, which code you can copy directly into your own project.

Powered by @spartan-ng/nx

To make this as easy as possible, spartan/ui comes equipped with an Nx plugin that allows you to effortlessly integrate our components into your Nx workspace. With a single command, you can add any of the 30 spartan/ui primitives to your projects.

But that's not all – the Nx plugin's capabilities extend beyond just adding components. You can also leverage it to incorporate one of 12 custom themes into your Nx applications, letting you truly own the visual appearance of your projects.

The initial 30

The initial 30 components we launch today are:

Getting Started

Excited to try any of these? What are you waiting for? Head over to the installation page and start your spartan journey!

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