Cutting-edge tools powering Angular full-stack development.

spartan allows you to build next-level, full-stack applications with AnalogJs.

It provides an opinionated stack with a single command and a set of accessible UI primitives.


The spartan/stack is a collection of technologies that provide you with a typesafe developer experience from the template all the way to the database.

While we keep updating the stack to provide the best available technologies, spartan/stack is currently made up of the following: Supabase , Angular , tRPC , Tailwind , AnalogJs , Nx , and Drizzle


spartan/ui is built on the spartan/ui/brain library that provides accessible, but unstyled primitives that build the foundation of an inclusive user interface.

On top we put spartan/ui/helm library that gives our primitives a beautifully designed shadcn look.


It is a collection of full-stack technologies that power end-to-end type-safe Angular development.

A collection of Angular UI primitives that are both beautiful and accessible.

A collection of unstyled UI primitives that provide accessibility out of the box.

Directives, sometimes additional components, that give spartan/brain a shadcn look.