The spartan/stack is an opinionated full-stack that consists of multiple technologies providing e2e type safety to Angular developers.


The spartan/stack streamlines the setup of end-to-end typesafe Angular full-stack applications. It is opinionated and based on insights from working with Angular and Typescript within a full-stack environment for a long time. The spartan/stack helps you build your applications faster and better.

The Stack

The stack to provides the best available cutting-edge technologies. These are currently:

  • Supabase - Hosted, scalable database solution. Opensource and super easy to set up.
  • Angular - Google's frontend framework. Powerful & reliable.
  • tRPC - Typesafe client-server exchanges preventing bugs before even hitting "save".
  • TailwindCSS - Utility-first CSS framework with great design baked into it.
  • AnalogJs - Fullstack Angular with Vite, file-based routing, and a Nitro server!
  • Nx - Monorepo & development tooling that will blow your mind.
  • Drizzle - Great typescript ORM for typesafe DB interactions. Even better memes.